Used Trucks Warranties

There is nothing more important than buying a truck your business can rely on. Buying direct from Schneider means buying with confidence because all trucks in our inventory come with warranties.

Freightliner Warranty:

About Schneider's Freightliner manufacturer warranty:

  • All units are covered by the Freightliner EW3 warranty program.
  • It is a six year/600k mile engine warranty (fan to flywheel).
  • The warranty covers all engine components and aftertreatment sensors. Even the one box is covered if it fails due to one of these components.

Aftermarket Warranties:

Trucks with expired manufacturer warranties due to age or mileage come with competitive 90-day warranties from Premium 2000. The cost is covered by Schneider.

Buyers also have the option to purchase a warranty longer than 90 days. The cost will be discounted because Schneider is already covering the first 90 days.

Kenworth, Volvo, Peterbilt and International warranties:

The manufacturer warranties on these trucks are dependent on what year the truck is. Please call one of our representatives at 1-800-635-9801 to ask about the warranty of the specific truck you are interested in.

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