Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the requirements to purchase equipment from Schneider Used Trucks and Trailers? Do I need to have a certain credit score?
    There are no specific credit requirements for commercial equipment loans. Schneider has relationships with several outside lenders that have programs for people with varying credit profiles.
  2. What disqualifies/prevents me from obtaining financing for a truck?
    Schneider's outside lenders work with people of varying credit profiles. However, those with challenged credit may have a harder time obtaining commercial equipment financing. Schneider can get you in touch with one of our outside finance companies that will work with you to determine if you qualify for financing.
  3. What types of trucks does Schneider sell?
    Schneider has a huge inventory of used trucks for sale, including both day cabs and sleeper units in varying makes, models and years.
    You can view our full tractor inventory here.
  4. What types of trailers does Schneider sell?
    Schneider has a huge inventory of used trailers for sale - choose from a wide variety of types, years, makes and models.
    You can view our full trailer inventory here.
  5. Do trucks come with warranties?
    All used trucks come with warranties. Trucks with expired manufacturer warranties come with 90-day Premium 2000 warranties, the cost of which is covered by Schneider. Learn more about our warranties here.
  6. Does Schneider offer financing options?
    Schneider provides financing options through third-party finance companies. Fill out an application for financing here.
  7. How much of a down payment do you require on a used truck or trailer?
    The down payment requirement will vary depending on a credit profile. A sales associate can refer you to one of the finance companies we work with to get a better idea of how much you will need for a down payment.
  8. If I am an owner-operator and I purchase a used truck from Schneider, do I need to lease-on with Schneider too?
    If you are an owner-operator who purchases used equipment direct from Schneider, you do not need to lease your business on with Schneider. However, Schneider does have many opportunities for owner-operators.
  9. Is Schneider Used Trucks and Trailers the same thing as SFI Trucks and Financing?
    Schneider Used Trucks and Trailers sells used fleet equipment while SFI Trucks and Financing leases new and low mileage trucks to owner-operators. Learn more about leasing a truck here.
  10. How do I check the availability of a piece of equipment?
    If you find used equipment you are interested in purchasing, fill out the "Check availability" box to the right of the equipment and a representative will contact you. You can also call one of our sales reps at 800-636-9801.
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