Legal Disclaimer

Many semi-tractors ("Tractors") are sold with remaining transferable manufacturer warranty (the "Mfg. Warranty"), and most other Tractors are sold with a third-party extended warranty which provides coverage for 90 days for select vehicle parts and components (the "90 Day Warranty"). These Tractors are eligible for additional third-party extended warranty coverage if purchased by the Buyer (the "Extended Warranty") (the 90 Day Warranty and Extended Warranty, if purchased, the "Warranties"). The Warranties are subject to certain restrictions and requirements as set forth in the terms and conditions thereof. Buyer is advised to review the Warranty information prior to purchase. Except with respect to any remaining Mfg. Warranty, the 90 Day Warranty (only if provided on the particular Tractor purchased) and, if purchased, the Extended Warranty, all Tractors are sold "as-is". Except with respect to any remaining Mfg. Warranty, if any, all semi-trailers and other trailing equipment (collectively, "Trailers") are sold strictly "AS-IS", and without any warranty of any kind.

All sales are final. Photos represent the actual vehicle (whether Tractor or Trailer) being sold at the date the picture was taken, but each Buyer is responsible to confirm the condition of the vehicle in person. Any representation of condition or mileage (or hubodometer reading) is not guaranteed by the Seller, except as may otherwise be indicated on the bill of sale. Mileage data presented is the most recent information system recording and is not guaranteed to be accurate. In most cases the mileage is the reasonable approximate miles traveled, but Buyer is responsible for verifying mileage before purchase. All information, photos and prices are subject to change or correction without notice. Buyer is accountable for all applicable sales tax, titles, registration, etc. All sales are wired cash transactions only and payment must be made in full within 5 days of Buyer's receipt of the invoice or the sales transaction will be deemed void, and the vehicle will be put back on the website for sale. Buyers are required to pick up the vehicle within 7 days of purchase date. If not picked up within such 7-day period, a storage charge of $50 per day will apply for each day thereafter. Any storage fees incurred must be paid before the vehicle is released.

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