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  Unit# Status Year Make Model Engine Sleeper Transmission Ratio WB Mileage Color Location Price
2011 Freightliner Cascadia63419Available2011FreightlinerCascadiaDetroit  DD15EPA10  45560" Extra Tall10 Speed2.64216627,945BlackHarrisburg, PA $29,899
2011 Freightliner Cascadia61972Available2011FreightlinerCascadiaDetroit  DD15EPA10  45560" Extra Tall10 Speed2.64216561,107BlackDallas, TX $49,000
2011 Freightliner Cascadia27449Available2011FreightlinerCascadiaDetroit  DD13EPA10  45072" Extra Tall10 Speed2.64234327,375OrangeHarrisburg, PA $47,675
2011 Freightliner Cascadia63397Available2011FreightlinerCascadiaDetroit  DD15EPA10  45560" Extra Tall10 Speed2.64216436,023BlackIndianapolis, IN $50,000
2011 Freightliner Cascadia62684Available2011FreightlinerCascadiaDetroit  DD13EPA10  450Day Cab10 Speed2.64164416,010OrangeGary, IN $49,000
2011 Freightliner Cascadia63569Available2011FreightlinerCascadiaDetroit  DD15EPA10  45560" Extra Tall10 Speed2.64216488,852WhiteDallas, TX $49,650
2011 Freightliner Cascadia63442Available2011FreightlinerCascadiaDetroit  DD15EPA10  45560" Extra Tall10 Speed2.64216501,524WhiteHouston, TX $49,250
2011 Freightliner Cascadia62868Available2011FreightlinerCascadiaDetroit  DD15EPA10  45560" Extra Tall10 Speed2.64216504,273BlackHarrisburg, PA $49,325
2010 Freightliner C12060176Available2010FreightlinerC120Detroit  DD15EPA07  45572" Raised Roof10 Speed2.64226508,708WhiteCharlotte, NC $41,250
2004 Wabash VanTA948017Available2004WabashVan    0NaNOrangeSt. Louis, MO $5,896
2004 Wabash VanTA947848Available2004WabashVan    0NaNOrangeIndianapolis, IN $6,056
2004 Wabash VanTA942214Available2004WabashVan    0NaNOrangeIndianapolis, IN $6,588
2004 Wabash VanTA943908Available2004WabashVan    0NaNOrangeIndianapolis, IN $6,480
2004 Wabash VanTA945622Available2004WabashVan    0NaNOrangeSt. Louis, MO $6,480
2004 Wabash VanTA945101Available2004WabashVan    0NaNOrangeGary, IN $6,552
2004 Wabash VanTA946472Available2004WabashVan    0NaNOrangePortland, OR $6,444
2004 Wabash VanTA943107Available2004WabashVan    0NaNOrangeSt. Louis, MO $6,480
2004 Wabash VanTA942152Available2004WabashVan    0NaNOrangeWest Memphis, AR $6,660
2004 Wabash VanTA942407Available2004WabashVan    0NaNOrangeAtlanta, GA $6,804
2004 Wabash VanTA947362Available2004WabashVan    0NaNOrangeGary, IN $6,372
2004 Wabash VanTA943540Available2004WabashVan    0NaNOrangeWest Memphis, AR $6,588
2004 Wabash VanTA946830Available2004WabashVan    0NaNOrangeWest Memphis, AR $6,624
2004 Wabash VanTA943379Available2004WabashVan    0NaNOrangePortland, OR $6,480
2004 Wabash VanTA942007Available2004WabashVan    0NaNOrangePortland, OR $6,588
2004 Wabash VanTA947921Available2004WabashVan    0NaNOrange - Storage LotAtlanta, GA $6,588
2004 Wabash VanTA948974Available2004WabashVan    0NaNOrangeGary, IN $6,480
2004 Wabash VanTA944989Available2004WabashVan    0NaNOrangeGary, IN $6,372
2004 Wabash VanTA947425Available2004WabashVan    0NaNOrangeIndianapolis, IN $6,408
2004 Wabash VanTA943268Available2004WabashVan    0NaNOrangeGary, IN $6,516
2004 Wabash VanTA944585Available2004WabashVan    0NaNOrangeCharlotte, NC $6,066
2004 Wabash VanTA944808Available2004WabashVan    0NaNOrangePortland, OR $6,552
2003 Wabash Lift GateFF939618Available2003WabashLift Gate    0NaNWhiteSalt Lake City, UT $4,351
2003 Wabash VanJCA935868Available2003WabashVan    0NaNOrangeIndianapolis, IN $5,283
1995 ST&E MC 30721418Available1995ST&EMC 307    0NaNSTAINLESS STEELGary, IN $21,320
1995 STE 1 COMPT21423Available1995STE1 COMPT    0NaNSTAINLESS STEELGary, IN $21,320
1985 ST&E 1 COMPT20001Available1985ST&E1 COMPT    0NaNSTAINLESS STEELGary, IN $13,320
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