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  Unit# Status Year Make Model Engine Sleeper Transmission Ratio WB Mileage Color Location Price
2001 Wabash VanJRA852850Available2001WabashVan    0NaNOrangeMarion, OH $4,256
2001 Utility Van2865LAvailable2001UtilityVan    0NaNWhiteHelena, MT $4,056
2001 Wabash VanZTA853106Available2001WabashVan    0NaNOrangeIndianapolis, IN $2,968
2001 Wabash Van-SalvageA884934Available2001WabashVan-Salvage    0NaNWhite-SalvageLima, OH $2,500
2001 Utility Van-SalvageWSTZ002900Available2001UtilityVan-Salvage    0NaNWhite-SalvageJacksonville, FL $5,000
2001 Fruehauf Van306WAvailable2001FruehaufVan    0NaNWhiteDenver, CO $3,560
2001 Utility VanWSTZ2772Available2001UtilityVan    0NaNWhiteBillings, MT $2,500
2001 Utility Van2882LAvailable2001UtilityVan    0NaNWhiteIndianapolis, IN $2,500
2000 Utility Van2831LAvailable2000UtilityVan    0NaNWhitePortland, OR $4,648
2000 Wabash VanJRA822273Available2000WabashVan    0NaNOrangeMarion, OH $4,256
2000 Freightliner C120237WSAvailable2000FreightlinerC120Detroit  S60  430Day Cab172740,947RedBillings, MT $8,000
2000 Utility Van-Salvage2718LAvailable2000UtilityVan-Salvage    0NaNWhite-SalvageLaVergne, TN $3,500
2000 Wabash VanTA738929 Deal Pending 2000WabashVan    0NaNOrangeCharlotte, NC $4,420
1999 Wabash InsulatedJRA720656Available1999WabashInsulated    0NaNWhiteAtlanta, GA $4,584
1999 Wabash VanJRA727723Available1999WabashVan    0NaNOrangeMarion, OH $4,224
1999 Wabash VanJRA688208Available1999WabashVan    0NaNOrangeMarion, OH $4,160
1999 Wabash VanJRA734251Available1999WabashVan    0NaNOrangeAtlanta, GA $3,928
1999 Utility Van2658LAvailable1999UtilityVan    0NaNWhiteWest Memphis, AR $3,400
1999 Wabash VanJRA727661Available1999WabashVan    0NaNOrangeAtlanta, GA $4,320
1999 Wabash VanJRA720655Available1999WabashVan    0NaNWhiteDalton, GA $4,712
1999 Wabash VanJRA720647Available1999WabashVan    0NaNWhiteDalton, GA $4,712
1999 Wabash VanJRA720596Available1999WabashVan    0NaNWhiteDalton, GA $4,712
1999 Freightliner FL11264ST640Available1999FreightlinerFL11264STCummins  M11 330ESP  330Day Cab10 Speed2.931650RedSalt Lake City, UT $10,000
1999 Freightliner FL11264ST625Available1999FreightlinerFL11264STCummins  M11  330Day Cab10 Speed2.93165338,713RedLakewood, WA $10,000
1999 Wabash InsulatedBDA720636Available1999WabashInsulated    0NaNWhiteGary, IN $3,256
1999 Wabash VanJRA692422Available1999WabashVan    0NaNOrangeCharlotte, NC $4,160
1999 Freightliner FLD12064ST266Available1999FreightlinerFLD12064STDetroit  S60  400Day Cab10 Speed3.90180500,000WhiteDalton, GA $7,000
1999 Wabash VanTA702352 Deal Pending 1999WabashVan    0NaNOrangeCharlotte, NC $4,700
1999 Wabash VanTA650135Available1999WabashVan    0NaNOrangePhoenix, AZ $5,240
1999 Utility Van-Salvage2692LAvailable1999UtilityVan-Salvage    0NaNWhite-SalvageCharlotte, NC $3,000
1998 Great Dane Van3035WAvailable1998Great DaneVan    0NaNWhitePortland, OR $4,728
1998 Utility Van2479LAvailable1998UtilityVan    0NaNWhiteSalt Lake City, UT $3,200
1997 Wabash 90" Converter DGS541412Available1997Wabash90" Converter D    0NaNGrayHarrisburg, PA $2,400
1997 Volvo WG64T600Available1997VolvoWG64TDetroit  S60  330Day CabRT13710B160317,974RedLakewood, WA $10,000
1997 Wabash VanJCA563936Available1997WabashVan    0NaNWhiteGreen Bay, WI $4,584
1995 Great Dane Van2299LAvailable1995Great DaneVan    0NaNWhiteDalton, GA $3,704
1994 Wabash VanKCA455222Available1994WabashVan    0NaNWhiteGreen Bay, WI $2,500
1994 Great Dane Van2216LAvailable1994Great DaneVan    0NaNWhiteDalton, GA $4,168
1990 Wabash VanA91561Available1990WabashVan    0NaNOrangeGary, IN $3,728
1989 Bar Bell 1 COMPT20955Available1989Bar Bell1 COMPT    0NaNStainless SteelGary, IN $6,500
1988 ST&E 1 COMPT20919 Deal Pending 1988ST&E1 COMPT    0NaNStainless SteelGary, IN $6,500
1988 Brenner 1 COMPT20927 Deal Pending 1988Brenner1 COMPT    0NaNStainless SteelGary, IN $6,500
1987 ST&E MC 30721219Available1987ST&EMC 307    0NaNSTAINLESS STEELHouston, TX $9,792
1986 Alloy Van-Salvage300HAvailable1986AlloyVan-Salvage    0NaNWhite-SalvageSalt Lake City, UT $1,000
1985 Budd Van484AAvailable1985BuddVan    0NaNWhitePortland, OR $4,176
1985 Fruehauf VanF85914Available1985FruehaufVan    0NaNOrangeGreen Bay, WI $1,500
2015 Freightliner Cascadia EVO81492Available2015FreightlinerCascadia EVODetroit  DD15EPA10  45572" Raised Roof10 Speed2.47224410,009Black - WarrantyGary, IN $65,400
2014 Kenworth T68048442Available2014KenworthT680Paccar    45576" Standup Aer13 Speed3.36234548,690BlueGary, IN $49,500
2013 Freightliner Cascadia62269Available2013FreightlinerCascadiaDetroit  DD15EPA10  45572" Raised Roof10 Speed2.64224518,923Black - WarrantyGary, IN $39,600
2012 Kenworth T70080293Available2012KenworthT700  MX  45575" Aerodyne10 Speed3.36226478,624GrayGary, IN $39,650
2006 Wabash VanTA975183Available2006WabashVan    0NaNOrangeHarrisburg, PA $9,740
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All equipment is sold "as-is", “where is” without any warranty. All Sales are final, absolutely no returns or repairs. "Stock photo's" do not represent the condition of the equipment and are only meant to represent the type of equipment. Any representation of condition or mileage is not guaranteed by the seller. Mileage data presented is the most recent information system recording and is not guaranteed to be accurate. In most cases the mileage is a reasonable approximate miles traveled, buyers need to verify mileage before purchase. Please note that all information, photos and prices are subject to change or correction without notice. Customer are accountable for all applicable sales tax, titles, registration, etc. All sales are wired cash transactions only. All wired cash transactions are to be made in full, within 5 days of the invoice or they are put back on the website for sale. Due to space concerns, we require that buyers pick up the unit within 7 days of purchase date. Additional storage charges of $50 per day will apply if the truck is on site longer. Any storage fees incurred will have to be paid before the equipment is released.